Woman. It's time to become absolutely full of yourself. 

To uncover more desire, confidence, pleasure, fulfillment. More of you. In life, in love, in intimacy. 

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“My work with Kendra allowed me to inhabit my body and intimacy in a way that did not seem possible before and led to enormous breakthroughs with my husband.

- rc


Women often come to work with me after years of talk therapy having a cognitive understanding of their "stories" but still feeling stuck in them.

They feel disconnected from themselves. From their bodies and sexuality. Unclear on their own wants and needs or how to express them effectively. Carrying trauma or deep religious conditioning. Wanting deeper intimacy in their relationships. Struggling with marriage or motherhood. Or just feeling "bleh" and sensing there's so much more within them.

For all of this the body is the starting place.

“Now my life could not feel more different.

I have a richness of life and deep embodiment for every part of my experience. I get to play and engage with all of my emotions, alchemizing them for sensuality as I feel.

I experience multiple orgasms with ease. I speak openly with my partners about my needs and draw boundaries with grace. I attract who I desire when I choose to do so.

But above all of that, I am me without any effort. I have found my own kind and version of beautiful sexy and I love it.


INTIMACY : relationship : empowerment : life

Private Coaching

I help women:
  • uncover your aliveness + your fullest expression & creativity in love & the erotic
  • reconnect to your innate power, passion, and confidence
  • create an internal sense of safety and support and let in love like never before
  • change the dynamic and direction of a relationship, or how relationships have gone for you thus far in life
  • heal and integrate any barriers to pleasure, sensuality, and intimacy
  • heal and thrive during/after separation, divorce or the transition into motherhood

I help couples:
  • revive that spark in your relationship in an embodied, playful way
  • shift challenging dynamics and repair ruptures in your relationship
  • create individual healing through connection in a way you have never experienced before
  • give and receive love more freely, even after years together and/or children
  • rekindle desire 

If you're interested in coaching with me, the first step is a complimentary discovery call. This call will offer you valuable clarity and support whether we move forward together at this time or not.

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